Outgrow Me

Outgrow me,
my love.
Expand yourself
my horizon –
Take in more,
be more
see more
of the world
and of yourself
than I ever could.
Outgrow me, my
lovely daughter.
Stretch your mind
further than mine
could travel.
Do more
try more
hope more
than I ever could.
Outgrow me
to grow into You.
Outrun me, outlast me –
the distance I entrust
to you.
I, who grew you,
you never outgrow
my love.

Copyright 2018 Ruth Wiseman

3 thoughts on “Outgrow Me

  1. Ruth, this is so beautiful. I feel exactly the same about Libby. Thank you for sharing this with us. (((((HUGS)))))


    1. Thank you, sweetie. I need to stretch myself to let her go… painful and beautiful at the same time. It is like another birth.


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