How the Moon Became Dim

How the Moon Became Dim is a delightful children’s story inspired by a Jewish Talmudic interpretation of the Creation story, verses in Genesis 1:14-19. The Talmud contains a commentary of the Sun and the Moon in which the two lights were originally equal in size and emitted the same amount of light. The moon, overcome by the desire to be greater than the sun, asks God to rethink His creation. When God does so, the outcome is not quite as the moon had expected. In crafting this tale, the author conveys to her readers the lesson of everyone’s special and unique roles in the creation of the world and how one of those creations made peace with her role.

Published by Saturn Moon Press, an imprint of Cactus Moon Publications LLC (Released April 2017)


Nellie Quinn the Noodle Queen

Everyone knows a kid who refuses to eat anything but plain white noodles. Don’t you? Nellie Quinn is just that sort of girl, but in this story she eats something she never thought she would. Does she surprise her mother, or does her mother surprise her? This might be the start of a whole new Nellie.

Available for publication

The Story of How Ben the Beaver Built His Home

Ben the Beaver just lost his home in a flood. Now he is fretting over finding the perfect tree, one that is not already occupied by one of his friends. Ben doesn’t want them to lose their homes either. But, good things come to those who wait, or to those who make the right decisions. This is a story about kindness and consideration, qualities that never grow old.

Available for publication

Didero the Dragon

Didero has one goal in life: to enjoy a bowl of ice cream. The only problem is, his flames melt the ice cream before he can eat it. When he overhears how much trouble he has created in his single-minded quest for ice cream, he decides to turn over a new leaf, and become a better friend. His efforts bring him more than he could ever have hoped for. Adults and children will be rooting for this rhyming, lovable dragon.

Available for publication

My first sketch of Didero

When Grandpa Died

This short story explores the delicate and scary topic of death, as seen through the eyes of a young child watching her mother grieve. The child is afraid she too might die just from thinking about what happened to her grandpa, but her mother comforts her in a way that feels just right.

Available for publication

A Friend No More

Almost every child has had the experience of witnessing someone who is very angry, but what does it feel like when anger takes over the whole house? In this rhyming story, the child narrator finds a way to stand up to anger and bring peace back into the home; he also builds his sense of strength and confidence by doing so.

Available for publication

With Joy in My Heart

Talia loves her soft voiced, lavender scented Oma (Grandma) with her distant, nostalgic eyes. Oma tells the best stories of her long journey from “die alte haym” (the old country) to America. But Talia knows there is something her Oma had to leave behind that brings her sadness. But this year, on Simchat Torah, Talia discovers how to bring joy to Oma’s countenance, and to Talia’s own heart.

Work in Progress

The Golem of Jerusalem

Meet Shlomo, a 10-year old boy who, together with his pious family, emigrates to Israel from Poland in 1882. In his pocket is a special cloth which contains mud from the Golem of his shtetl (small town). It is a great surprise when the group of immigrants realizes that their Golem has made Aliyah along with them! This is an adventure tale of magic and hope, of leaving one’s home and rebuilding it anew, with a strong, mystical ally by your side.

Work in Progress