About Ruth

Ruth Wiseman is author of the How the Moon Became Dim (Saturn’s Moon Press, 2017).

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Ruth writes first drafts with pencil and paper, enjoying the tactile feel and sound of the pencil as it forms words on paper. She also prefers to read paper books, enjoying the texture and smell of ink and paper. 

Ruth’s 6th grade public school teacher encouraged her in her writing. His kind words and earnest support stayed with her all her life. It showed her how a child’s positive relationship with an adult in their life, however brief, has a very strong and lasting impact.

Ruth loves to rescue cats, small dogs, and books. Her favorite pastimes are being in nature, drinking a good cup of strong tea, writing in a quiet place, and reading a suspenseful adventure story. Perfection is when all of those things happen on the same day.

She currently lives in Northern New Jersey.

Follow Ruth on Twitter: @rutiwise1


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