Reviews of How the Moon Became Dim


March 22, 2017
Ruth Wiseman’s story is well told.  Simple, yet elegant use of words to convey an important lesson about realizing – and then resting in – one’s own value and self-worth.  Each of us has a different way of contributing to the world, based on our own gifts.  Different – not better. The illustrations are masterful and will draw the reader in.  They drew me in.  An explosion of color and detail that made me explore each page over and over before moving on.I thought the story length was perfect.  Text and illustrations very congruent with one another. Excellent job!

– Bayard Allmond, MD,  Behavioral Pediatrician

March 17, 2017
“I can’t wait to share How the Moon Became Dim with the children who come to my library classes. I love it for so many reasons. I love that the moon is comforted when she doesn’t get her wish fulfilled and comes to understand her own value. This is an important concept for children to grasp – that each of us has our own strengths.  In addition, How the Moon Became Dim can be discussed on several levels with different ages. The moon’s varied functions can be explored from being the source for Rosh Chodesh and therefore the Chaggim, to the science of the tides and more… I also love the bright and vibrant colors of the illustrations. How the Moon Became Dim is sure to be a much requested title in our library!”

-Bonnie Morris, Librarian, Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh, PA

March 8, 2017
“What an absolutely beautiful book for children – and parents – and teachers – to enjoy together! The illustrations are magnificent, and the message about jealousy is profound and life-changing. A valuable gift for all!”

-Bracha Goetz, Author of 33 books to help children’s souls shine.

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