About Ruth

I have been writing stories since the 6th grade, when my English teacher, Mr. Nick Lavrov, inspired my talents. I also co-edited Broken Glass, Broken Lives: A Jewish Girl’s Survival Story in Berlin 1933-1945 by Rita J. Kuhn. My first children’s story, How the Moon Became Dim, was just published in April 2017 by Saturn Moon’s Press, an imprint of Cactus Moon Publication LLC.


I received a B.A. from U.C. Davis in International Relations, with an emphasis in Russian and Economics. I spent a year living in Moscow and traveling in the former Soviet Union. When I returned to the States, I worked in community service for two decades, then went into financial services. What’s funny is that the more I exercise my right brain, the more my left brain creates stories; first, it was to entertain my niece and nephews, then my own children, and now the stories exist for themselves. Sometimes pictures even end up on paper, too. I am happy to share my creations with you!

Follow me on Twitter: @rutiwise1


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